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Current News/Sales

2/25/15: Embryos available listing updated, from Odyssey, Almira, Brooke, Dusk and Rosebud!

2/23/15: Consignment to the March 14th – C.U.D.S. Spring Classic Sale at Cornell University:

Pencroft Rdbrst Tiki-Red sells! June 2013 Redburst due in May to Absolute-Red. She’s got the potential to be a show-stopping Jr 2-yr old. And you get the pedigree too! Dam is VG87-2Y Advent; 2E93 Talent; 2E93 Radius; EX92 Rubens; 3E94 Storm; Stardust Tobi 3E96; and then Inspiration Tina 2E95! - Check out her photo on the Sales page.

March 20th – Apple Mania in Fond du Lac, WI – Gold Barbara Burgundy-ET sells! What do you get when you cross Apple and Barbara? World-class potential in a pretty black calf! Burgundy is an October 2014 Absolute from Gold Barbara, the three-time All-American in milking form. This one is a marketer’s dream!

3/2/15: All-American Holstein results:

All-Canadian Holstein results:

Cattle we sold in 2014! -Performing well for others !

  • Brookvilla Goldwyn Brooks – Reserve All-American & Reserve All-Canadian Sr. 3-yr old. Previously owned by Kueffner, Doeberiener and Heath. Now owned by Ferme Boulet and Milksource.
  • Routina Zelgadis Paige – Hon. Ment. All-Canadian Intermediate Yearling Heifer. Sold in International Intrigue. Now owned by Milksource.
  • Comestar Lamadona Doorman – nominated All-American and All-Canadian Summer Yearling. She is one of many success stories from Day at the Derby 2014! Consigned by Kueffner & Butler and now owned by Howard-View Holsteins.
  • Mapel Wood Windhammer Elegance – Junior All-American Spring Yearling. Sold in Day at the Derby to Jordan & Whitney Ebert.
  • Elliotts Tequila Seniorita – All-Canadian Sr. 2-yr old & Reserve All-American Sr. 2-yr old. Sold in Determine Your Destiny to Budjon, Vail and Borba.
  • EK-RR Tequila Variety – All-Canadian Jr. 2-yr old & Reserve All-American Jr. 2-yr old. Consigned by Kueffner & Rankin to Day at the Derby and purchased by Budjon, Borba, Vail and Milksource.
  • Arethusa HG Victoria – All-American Jr. 2-yr old & Reserve All-Canadian Jr. 2-yr old. High-seller in Determine Your Destiny (consigned with Iager & Rankin) and purchased by Arethusa Farm.
  • Miss California-Red – Grand Champion Red & White Holstein PA Farm Show. Consigned by Abbott & Kueffner to Day at the Derby and purchased by Klinedell Farm.

New photos of Gold Barbara, Brooke- Barbara's Doorman daughter and Solid-Gold DE Gsun Disco!

2/3/15: Ashlyn's legacy lives on! Kingsmill Ashlyns Ashore is now EX 94 EX 94 mam - 25 days fresh!

1/26/15: New embryos added to Embryos For Sale list! Rosey's Verb son is available! New photos of Rosey now online!

1/24/15: Cache-Valley Lheroes 2331-ET EX 95 EEEEE- now online: Nominated All-American & All-Canadian 4 Yr old- owned with Norman Nabholz and Larry & Corky Larsen

1/1/15: All-American Nominations-Holsteins

1/1/15: Jersey All-American Results

  • All-American Yearling in Milk: Crossbrook HG Dixie-ET VG 88 - Dam is Arethusa Veronicas Dasher EX 95 - 2nd Dam EX 97 Veronica! -- owned with Jon Prokop
  • All-American Sr 3 Yr Old: Elliots Cosmo Action-ET EX 91 - Dam is Arethusa Veronica's Comet EX 95 - 2nd Dam EX 97 Veronica!
  • Reserve All-American 4 Yr Old: Marynole Excite Rosey EX 93
  • Unanimous All American Sr Best Three Females: Cosmo, Syler & Reese
  • Unanimous Produce of Dam: Produce of Arethusa Veronicas Comet EX 95 - includes Cosmo and Elliots Faxon Comical VG 87-

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New photos posted

Ernest-Anthony Too Hot-ET VG 87 Kingsmill Ashlyns Ashore-ET EX 94 Ex 94 mam
Too Hot Ashore
Too Hot is a Aftershock dtr of Tabitha 2E 95 Ashore is a Goldwyn from Ashlyn 2E 96 -

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