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Current News/Sales

6/6/17: Check out the review of the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend Sale at Sherona Hills by Dave Rama!

4/25/17: New photos of Gold Barbara and Rosey are online

4/14/17: Embryos for sale list updated

4/10/17 - New York Spring Shows

International Holstein Show

  • Butz-Butler Gold Barbara 2E 95 named Grand Champion, 1st Aged Cow at New York Spring International Holstein Show!!
  • Wow. What a way to start the show year!! Gold Barbara 1st Aged Cow, Senior & Grand Champion! Fresh 15 months, she has over 131,000 milk lifetime. Thanks to the team at the show and at home for their dedication to the cows. We couldn't do it without you! And congratulations to our partners Matt Iager, Rodney Hetts, Renee Bielke & Dr. Scott Armbrust!
  • MS Apple Anzlee-ET RC VG87-2Y check out her new photo!
    2nd Sr. 2-yr old & Best Udder

Jersey Show

  • Marynole Excite Rosey EX 94–1st Aged Cow and Grand Champion at New York Spring Jersey Show!
  • 3rd Junior Best Three Females
  • 3rd Winter Calf – SV Applejack Restless
  • 3rd Fall Calf – Elliotts AJ Chicago, owned with Mike & Linda Hellenbrand
  • 4th Fall Calf – Elliotts AJ Celia
  • 7th Summer Yearling – South Mountain Premier Sprite
  • 2nd Spring Yearling – Unique HP Humility
  • 5th Spring Yearling – South Mountain Colton Josie
  • 9th Spring Yearling – South Mountain Showdown Reba
  • 5th Fall Yearling – Dixies Showdown Delight

Brown Swiss Show:
1st Winter Yearling – Rad-ical Goliath Good Luck, owned with Cindy Warner & Jenny Trapp

All-Canadian results:

All-American results:

Holstein Classification results:

Jersey All-American nominations:

  • Marynole Excite Rosey-EX 94 – Aged Cow
  • Crossbrook HG Dixie – Senior 3-yr old (now owned by Rivendale Farms)
  • South Mountain Santanas Spirit – Junior 2-yr old (now owned by Rivendale Farms)
  • Elliotts Councillor Cora – Spring Yearling (now owned by Rivendale Farms)

Holstein All-American nominations:

Jersey All-Canadian nominations:

  • Marynole Excite Rosey- EX 94 – Mature Cow
  • Crossbrook HG Dixie – Senior 3-yr old (now owned by Rivendale Farms)
  • South Mountain Santanas Spirit – Junior 2-yr old (now owned by Rivendale Farms)
  • Elliotts Counciller Cora – Spring Yearling (now owned by Rivendale Farms)

Holstein All-Canadian nominations:

2016 Royal Winter Fair results:

2016 World Dairy Expo Results

9/13/16: Kueffner Kows Sale is over, Sale averaged $13,421 (highest average in Jersey history!)on 34 Jerseys with high price of $185,000 for Cinema, The Holsteins averaged $11,742 on 48 lots with Sid bringing $90,000! !Thank you to all the buyers, bidders and sale staff for making this possible! Click here for a full sale report at Cowsmopolitan with lots of photos.

Top Seven Sellers:

  • Lot J1: $185,000 Cinema -- buyer:Rivendale Farms of Pittsburgh, Bulger, PA
  • Jot H1: $90,000 Odyssey --Buyer: Glamourview Farm, Walkersville, MD
  • Lot J33: $65,000 Spirit -- Buyer: Rivendale Farms of Pittsburgh, Bulger, PA
  • Lot H5: $40,000 Theodorable -- (consigned by David Packer) - Budjon Farm, Lormira, WI
  • Lot H3: $39,500 Theory -- heodorable -- (consigned by David Packer) - Wenger Farm, Myerstown, PA
  • Lot J3: $33,000 Cora -- Buyer: Rivendale Farms of Pittsburgh, Bulger, PA
  • Lot J4: $33,000 Donut -- Buyer: Rivendale Farms of Pittsburgh, Bulger, PA

Holstein Classification 9/3/16

  • Maplekeys Sid Odyssey                H1       EX 92 93MS @ 4-03
  • Ernest-Anthony MS Theory         H3         EX 95 @ 5-00 PENDING APPROVAL
  • Penncross Theodorable                H5      VG 89 91MS @ 2-11
  • Ernest-Anthony Tempting           H7         VG 88 @ 2-11 fresh 16 days with her second calf
  • Ernest-Anthony Theresa              H10      VG 86 @ 2-06
  • Ernest-Anthony GW Tia                H11      GP 83 @ 2-06
  • Ernest-Anthony G Tiffany            H12        VG 85 @ 2-00 fresh 26 days
  • MS R-N-V Armani Atira                 H25       VG 88 91MS @ 2-09
  • Aphrodites GW Amelia                 H34       VG 87 @ 2-06
  • Aphrodites GW Adrian                  H36       VG 86 @ 2-06
  • Hez Wdbk Aurora                            H41      VG 85 @ 2-00
  • Ernest-Anthony Arlene                 H42        VG 87 @ 2-06

8/28/16: Sept Cattle Connection Ad

8/21/16: Kueffner Kows Sale Ads Posted

6/23/16: Butz-Butler Gold Barbara is now EX 95 with EX 96 mam!!

Brown Swiss classification 5/11/16:

  • Dublin-Hills Sera ET VG88 at 2-02! Sera is a Braiden daughter of Dublin-Hills Sasha with 8 Excellent dams. Sera is owned by Terri Packard and Cindy Warner.
  • 1st Jr 2-yr old, Best Udder & HM Intermediate Champion at NY Spring Show fresh one month.

Holstein classification results 5/21/16:

  • Ernest-Anthony Theory (Fever from Thriller) EX94 fresh 30 days. Theory’s Sr. 2 Attic daughter scored VG88. New photo added - Both owned by David and Charity Packard.
  • Desnette Brielle Lauthority EX91 - new photo added
  • Ms R-N-V Armani Atrium VG88 at 2-05 (Armani x Rotesown Durham Atara EX94)
  • Ms R-N-V Armani Atira VG86 at 2-05 (Armani x Atara). Owned by Paul Neer & Shannon Dwyer.
  • Ataras Goldwyn Alanna VG85 at 2-02 (Goldwyn x Atara). Owned with Paul Neer.
  • Ernest-Anthony Tempting VG85-2Y (Armani x Thriller due again for 2nd-calf Sr 2-yr old).

4/19/16: New embryos listed for sale - Cosmo EX 93 X Sexed Joel! - 3#1; Rosey X Sexed Colton 5#1;

4/11/16: New York Spring Show Results:

New York Spring Jersey Show:

  • 2nd Sr. 3-yr old, Reserve Intermediate Champion! Crossbrook HG Dixie EX 91 Owned with Jon Prokop of Crossbrook Jerseys. (Hired Gun x Dasher EX95 x Veronica EX97)
  • 1st Fall Heifer Calf: Dixies Showdown Dazzle-ET - Owned with Jon Prokop of Crossbrook Jerseys. Sells in the May 21st Rendesvous at River Valley Sale
  • 1st Junior Best Three Females
  • 2nd Spring Yearling: Elliots Councillor Cora-ET (Councillor X Gold Action X Comet X Veronica)
  • 4th Spring Yearling: South Mountain Incentive Royal-ET (Incentive X Rosey)
  • 3rd Winter Yearling: South Mountain Voltage Rapture-ET (Voltage X Rosey)
  • 2nd Fall Yearling: South Mountain Incentive Reign (Incentive X Rosey)
  • 4th Fall Yearling: Linda Lous Councillor Layla (Councillor X Tequila Linda Lou)

New York Spring International Show

New York Spring Brown Swiss Show

  • 1st Jr 2 Yr Old, Best Udder & Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion Dublin-Hills Sera (Braiden X Sasha) owned by Terri Packard & Cindy Warner

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